World first use of live Ultra Slow Motion camera during Dutch cycling classic Amstel Gold Race

During the live NOS broadcast of the Dutch cycling classic Amstel Gold Race, viewers were treated to stunning ultra slow motion shots coming live from a motorcycle camera in what is considered a world's first. Using a NAC Hi-Motion II™ supplied by Netherlands-based full-service rental house Broadcast Rental, for the first time the ultra slow motion shots were transmitted live through a RF connection to the OB truck. In regular OB productions, the NAC Hi-Motion II is connected via cable and the replay-operator controls the ultra slow motion footage from the camera. During the Amstel Gold Race, however, the slow motion footage was actually being triggered by the camera operator and the replays sent as a live feed to the director for broadcast.


NOS director Pim Marks specifically used the NAC Hi-Motion II™ for this live broadcast: “Last summer we were really happy with this camera during the London Olympic Games, unfortunately we couldn’t use it on a motorcycle due to safety measures. Now I had the opportunity of using it on the back of a motorcycle and it truly met my needs. I had the best ultra slow motion shots just when I needed them, for live and fall back situations. And the viewers could enjoy amazing never before seen close-ups of the cyclers and their bikes. ”


“We had a world first here”, says Geert Paul Slee, CEO of Broadcast Rental: “It was never done before during road cycling that an ultra slow motion camera transmitted the shots live through a wireless RF connection to the OB truck. Together with the R&D department of NAC we managed to do it with dedicated new software. It enables the camera operator on the back of the motor cycle to trigger ultra slow motion situations as they happen.”


Broadcast Rental was the first to invest in the NAC Hi-Motion II™ on the mainland of Europe. The Hi-Motion II cameras use a unique three chip (CMOS) sensor capable of capturing up to 40 times realtime more than 10x high speed images in Full HD and provide simultaneous output of live realtime video AND ultra slow motion replay video. The three chip NAC Hi-Motion II cameras provide unparalleled clarity and detail enhancement along with superb light sensitivity while fitting seamlessly into the workflow of sports broadcast environments.


The debut of the Hi-Motion II™ cameras at the 2012 Super Bowl continues the legacy of the previous NAC Hi-Motion camera systems that have been embraced by broadcasters for live coverage of major global sporting events and a variety of professional sporting events, including football, international motor racing, cycling, tennis, baseball, rugby, cricket, golf, boxing and horse racing.



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World first use of live Ultra Slow Motion camera

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